Nofollow vs Dofollow Links

Nofollow vs Dofollow Links Before proceeding please take  time to read and understand everything about backlinks . Nofollow Nofollow links are ahref links marked with nofollow. Example:  <a href="" rel="nofollow">Search Engine Rank</a> . The nofollow tag interact with search engine bots not to follow links marked with "nofollow". Are nofollow links important or helpful? No in most cases and Yes in some cases. Below is my reason for giving yes and no for an answer. Many nofollow links are somehow important, let me sight an example (Wikipedia reference links are all marked with nofollow, but they still plays important role in helping your website. Wikipedia reference links are so much important. That is not enough to convince you? Ok, let me sight a social media backlinks. Most of social medias links that are off-site are automatically set to be nofollow example are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

How to use Conditional Tags on Blogger

Blogger (Blogspot) Conditional Tags Conditional Tags are a boolean data type (a data type that has two possible values). It allows you to tell the code to act differently in specific situations. [1] [2] How do I add the co├▒ditional tags Visit Visit Select your website Select your website Click on Theme Click on Theme Click on Edit HTML Click on Edit HTML Paste Your Code Right after the <head> tag, paste the tags. Paste your code like this. After pasting the code will look something like this. How your code will look like Save Theme Click on save to see effect of the tags you just added. Then proceed to click on "Save Theme" The Tags <!-- SEO Title Tag --> <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'><title><data:blog.title/> - Find and Read Information</title></b:if> <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&

How to Optimize and rank in Google Image Search

How to Optimize and rank in Google Image Search Ranking image can bring you as more traffic as the content rank itself brings you. So how do you rank your images in google, bing, yandex, baidu and other search engines?. In this topic you find it all. How to Optimize and rank in Google Image Search Ranking in google images will be the sweetest thing that will happen to your blog, it gives you the engagement and visitors you need. Before you upload any image file to your blog there is one important thing you should consider doing first, and that is to name the file you will be uploading. The Image name Image name How to perfectly name your image Let say you already find the image you need to upload on a page title of "how to optimize and rank for image search". Before uploading, First make sure you do not use default iamege names like Screenshot-012019.jpg, or Image.jpg (or something like " how to optimize and rank for image search ") in the file

What are Backlinks? And How to Get them in 2020

First let discuss what a link (hyperlink) is? A link is what connects web pages to other web pages. This brings us to what a backlink is and how to get them. Backlinks In this image, Site A was seen linking to Site B Backlinks (also called "incoming links") are ahref links pointing from a website to your website or another website. If website A link to website B, it is called a backlink. It is known to be   Off-Site Seo  practice. What does backlinks do? Backlinks are the back backbones or pillar of a website. It is said to be a vote from other website. Google and other search engines still consider backlinks as one of the most important ranking factor. Due to the use of search engines by users, Backlinks is very important in order for your page to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). Increase organic search ranking Backlinks increases your orgainc search ranking, it gives both page rank and authority to a website. Authority and Rank Page Au

Off-Page Seo: The Best Practice

What is off page seo? Off-page seo are the act, that are performed outside your website that tends to affect and help your site rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). This practice usually includes Link Building, Social Media Marketing and Brand Mentions. Link Building Link building is the most crucial part in off-page seo. It does not involve internal linking on your website. Rather it involves links from other website pointing to your website page. See: link building How does link building help? Link building help your site rankings only if you do it the right way. Number of referring domains The number of sites referring (linking) to your site is very important in ranking, but not just the amount the state of the website and authority also plays a huge role. authority Getting links from authoritative websites is the sweetest thing in seo. Getting 5 links from a 70 to 100 authority site is better than having 20 backlinks from non authoritative site with

Blogger vs WordPress the difference

One of the most asked questions for both new and old blogger is Wordpress or Blogger which is better? Which should i go for?. WordPress and Blogger are both good, but which is better? Let me analyse it below for you. Blogger vs WordPress Before we start you should know that there are two types of WordPress website creator, and . WordPress.Org is paid while the other can be used for free (to be honest blogger is far better than the free WordPress, unless you moved to paid then it will be a tie). On this topic I will be discussing about the paid. Before we get started, you should know that I have used both platforms, which means I know what am saying. So lets begin. Quick checkup, On WordPress You do not need to worry yourself doing things from scratch, all you need to do is know what you want and get the plugin that will automatically do the exact thing for you. But On Blogger , it is "a man for himself", you will have to do all things you